Dr. Obiamaka (Obie) Obiekwe is originally from Nigeria in West Africa.

In 1993, the Holy Spirit anointed Dr. Obie Obiekwe, initiating a miraculous change in her life. She, who was a very timid and shy person, began to speak in public meetings like a lioness for men and women.

Dr. Obie Obiekwe received her Bachelor of Arts degree in French language and Literature from Texas Woman’s University after attending University of Sorbonne- Paris for two years where she obtained an Associate Degree in French Language and Literature. She is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas with third year in Missions. She started her Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary/Criswell College in Dallas. She received her Doctorate degree from International Miracle Bible Institute in Florida. She is an ordained minister. Dr. Obie Obiekwe was inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve God and to bring about a revival among men, women, children and youth all around the world. She was an active member of Hillcrest Church for seventeen years until the church was sold. She served in various church ministries and held various officer positions during these seventeen-year.

Dr. Obie Obiekwe was the founder/Director of International Ministry at Hillcrest Church, founder and director of Children of Zion Tambourine and dance ministry at Hillcrest Church. She was the founder/Director of African Ministry at Hillcrest Church. She introduced and directed All Nations, All Night prayer every third Friday at Hillcrest Church to pray for the Nations. She was a member of the prayer counsel at Hillcrest Church. She is an intercessor who wars through dance movement, with tambourine, flags and streamers. She trains and choreographs sacred/Liturgical dance in churches/community and other nations. She is the Founder/President of Africa for Jesus Ministries International.

Africa for Jesus Ministries International is an international humanitarian organization established in the United States to provide help in developing countries and empowering people in their world. Our mission is to tackle the root causes of poverty in Burkina Faso and other African countries. To help transform the African nations by building International Learning Center and Orphanage, clinic and youth center, Church on 43 acres of land donated to the ministry in Burkina Faso which will be the headquarter.

I introduced a Micro finance project in 2015 for men and women in Burkina Faso and conducted a beading workshop for the women.

New projects; to dig water well, raise animals, farming, and poultry. These projects will help the community by increasing their resources and also help Africa for Jesus Ministries to be self-sufficient by putting the harvest back in the ministry to sustain the ministry.

Dr. Obie Obiekwe travels nationally and internationally conducting conferences, workshops, retreats, seminars and ministry presentations. Her ministry has taken her to Israel, Africa; Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, Europe; France, Switzerland, England, Germany and Mexico; Chihuahua, Saucillo, Cuauhtémoc, La Junta, Guerrero, Delicios, Juarez, etc.

Thus Dr. Obie Obiekwe continues faithfully and vigorously in her ministry in expanding the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of love and compassion on this earth. The earmark of her ministry is her intimate relationship with God. She lives a lifestyle of prayer, worship and holiness. She loves to worship the Lord and she helps others to come into the freedom the Lord offers. Bringing total healing to the body of Christ is her passion and mission.


Community Involvement award Recipient in Dallas. ($5,000)

Homecomings Financial Award: High Performance Supervisor Award ; Cruise to 4 international countries; Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy with $100 to spend on board.

Bank of America Award and Recognition: PTO’s, Reward Cards and Certificates.